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Auteur : Isabelle Icord - Jean-Pierre Bernard
Date de parution : novembre 2014
Référence : EP253
Format : 140 x 200
Nb pages : 118
ISBN : 9782354222536


The same cause always produces the same effect. This is the case with our projects. The project management methods did not really changed in a century when Henry Gantt invented his famous chart. The way we traditionally manage the inevitable hazards does not allow us to launch our products on time better nowadays than yesterday. The Critical Chain offers some way out to this vicious circle by applying some basic rules which could be difficult to implement without solid guidelines. This book describes concretely step by step the implementation of CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management) in a single project and in a project portfolio? in order to optimize our efforts and profitability!
About the Authors
Mrs. Isabelle ICORD, founder and CEO of ProCC, is an expert in the Theory of Constraints and in the Critical Chain Project Management. During the last decades, she worked as a Project Manager in the development of Space and Military electronic products, and implemented the TOC in many international industrial projects. She is now an international consultant in CCPM for several European industrial companies. Mrs. Icord holds a M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Grenoble INP.
Dr. Jean-Pierre BERNARD is a consultant in high-tech business and Associate Professor of Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Thanks to 30 years of international professional activity in the electronics industry in Europe, USA, Asia and India, he has managed many international projects from development to production. As a consultant, he trains MNC's managers and engineers around the world (Singapore, Riyadh, Beijing, London?) to project and supply chain management. He holds a Ph.D. in Microelectronics from Grenoble University, a Master in Telecommunication Engineering from ENST Bretagne and a MBA from Grenoble IAE.

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